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PROMUNTURIUM AGENCIES FOR SHIPPING CO. was established in the year 2021 by an experienced staff more than 20 years & represents a cross section of shipping activities.  These include travel & tourism RORO vessel representation, ship/cargo brokerage.


PROMUNTURIUM AGENCIES FOR SHIPPING CO. was established in the year 2021 by an experienced staff more than 20 years & represents a cross section of shipping activities. These include travel & tourism RORO vessel representation, ship/cargo brokerage. The company is well represented in Libya with offices at all major ports and entered with the aim to provide the shipping world the most efficient and competent services. Wish to highlight the scope the total services (Agency related) and Owners Protecting Agents offered by our company at all of the Libyan Ports.

Company Mission

Our main objective is to offer our Client / Agent, reliable solutions that relies on flexibility and broad options of alternatives based on a highly comprehension of the client’s / Agent’s requirements.

What P.A.S.C.O. Can Provide To You?

We can provide to you all logistics services such as: (Door to Door Service – Door to Port Service – Ocean Freight – Warehousing & Consolidation Service – Packing – Labeling – Custom Clearance – Cargo Insurance … etc


We has developed a flexible multi-modal service to ensure that all logistics transactions are handled quickly and efficiently to ensure reliable performance through our skilled team whom are experienced in handling several projects, taking advantage of the strong presence in the local market & providing integrated solutions for variable industry segments.



The keys of our success

  • Competitive prices and services that will fulfill your commitment to your customer and satisfy your needs.
  • Sales activities carried by our strong sales team which can ensure best.
  • Flexible management.
  • Staff retention and training.

Why Companies Recommend P.A.S.C.O.?

“Meeting ship’s requirements for Bunkers, FW, Provisions, stores, crew change, workshop, handling cash to master if required any survey attendance etc.”

“We live in the Libyan market over twenty years.”

“Co-ordination between ship owners, charterers, receivers, shippers etc.., including documentations.”

“We can arrange market study for any required commodity.”

“Handling Customs, Immigration, Port Health formalities.”

“Organizing Air Travel, Hotel booking, transpiration, launch services, Medical aid etc. for ship’s personnel.”

“Handling port formalities for ship’s movements.”

EMAIL: salem@pasco.com.ly
MOB: 00218 91 250 9670
EMAIL: moez@pasco.ly.com
MOB: 00218 91 250 0691
EMAIL: ahmed.omar@pasco.com.ly


MISURATA CITY, High Mosque Building, Block H., Third Floor, Flat No.16 MISURATA, LIBYA

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